The Truth About Covid – Part 3

What Is The Metaphysical Meaning Of Covid 19?


We’ve had a look at what happens in the physical body when you have covid.


But what is the metaphysical meaning of covid 19?


This “virus” is an evolution rolling out through humanity.

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Covid is a deliberate upgrade.

One whose full agenda and true origins won’t be revealed for some time.
As I said in part 2 of this series, when the tiger of covid comes for you, it comes for your root energy centre.

The root energy centre is where we are connected with our community, with humanity and with our identity within this social construct.

Many people use the word “chakra” to describe these energy centres, and I sometimes use it too. This word isn’t from my heritage, which means I’m probably missing some of its cultural significance, so these days I prefer to use “energy centre”, “convergence point” or “vortex” to describe the points where the lines of energy converge within the metaphysical body.

When you have covid 19, you are purging what no longer serves you.

What is not in alignment with the upgrade must go.
Physically, you are purging through your body fluids — mucous, sweat, nasal secretions, urine and bowel motions, menstrual blood, semen and tears.

Metaphysically, you are purging through your energy body.

Downwards into your Earth connection, upwards into your Spirit connection. Inwards into your organs and spinal cord, and outwards from every single energy centre and spinal nerve root to the extremities of your metaphysical field.

Everything sticky and stagnant in your body and in your life is coming up to be released.


All of your hidden primal fears are simmering up to the surface to be confronted.

But only if you are willing to do the work. To not see these fears and stories as REAL. To see them just as stories. Stories that only hold power over you if you allow them to. You get to choose, now that you are aware.
If you allow yourself to be gripped by the fear, to believe you need to be afraid and that what you fear is real, you will need to get the virus again at a later date to finish what it started.
You may feel more emotional, deeply affected by the state of the world and the energy of those around you.

Your tears may flow more freely. Let them flow.

Allow yourself to feel. You are clearing all that you’ve been holding. It doesn’t serve you to hold it any longer.
If you find yourself picking fights with your loved ones, they are acting as a mirror for your fears. The invitation here is to look into the mirror and see what subconscious fears have been running your programming. Influencing all your decisions.

The virus aspect is an upgrade.

But the poison aspect of covid is a death and rebirth.

Part of your identity is dying.
Your identity is how you define yourself within your work, relationships, family, community, beliefs, political and social connections.
The more you hold onto and fight to keep your fears, the more like death it will feel.
The invitation is to let them go. To love them, to acknowledge them, and to allow them to die off. They are no longer necessary for the future version of you that is being born through covid.
You are slipping off your skin that no longer fits you, like a shedding snake.


  • Who am I becoming?
  • What am I ready to release from my identity?
  • What part of me is dying off?
Honour and grieve that part of you. Give it time and attention. Then allow it to slip away as the physical symptoms recede.
Click on the image below to hear me speak about this in more detail:


You get to choose how powerful your covid experience is.

You get to choose what it means for you.
What will you choose to release?
What will you choose to step into?
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In my next update I will share some support strategies to help you through the covid experience. Read part 4 of this series here.
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