How To Support Your Body To Heal From Covid

The Truth About Covid 19 – Part 5

How to support your metaphysical body to heal from Covid.

In my previous posts in this series about covid, we’ve covered how it’s more than just a virus, what happens in your physical body, the metaphysical meaning of covid, and how to support your physical body.

Now let’s explore the final piece of this puzzle — how to support your metaphysical body through the covid experience.

30104635_1660899564vKMIMG_0582-2.JPGIf you are deep in the midst of covid, it’s time to tighten the filter on your metaphysical body.

This means: No fear TV.

Become intentional about what you consume.

Including food, drinks, media, books, magazines, TV, movies, documentaries, conversations, social media tunnels and threads.

Anything that incites fear, anxiety, anger, violence or negative beliefs about the world is to be avoided.

Anything that gives you a sense of helplessness, control, separation, or division should be avoided at all costs.

I’ll let you in on a little secret:

If your trusty source of spiritual or alternative news is inciting fear, then it comes from the same place and motivations as mainstream media. Its purpose is the same. Discernment is required with all of it. Don’t allow yourself to be a puppet to their Fear Games.

Create an intentional healing bubble around yourself and stay in it as much as possible.

Invite only inspirational media into your healing bubble.

Things that make you feel good, that fill you with awe, that make you feel like you are powerful in your own life. Like you are the creator of your own reality.

Immerse yourself in the experience of Oneness.

Oneness is a connection to all that there is. When you feel one with everything around you. To the planet, the trees, the air, the animals, birds, fish, to all the other people on this Earth, and to whatever concept of God that makes your soul sing.

Oneness is the experience and embodiment of being one with all.

Some see this illness as the rise of good vs evil, light vs dark. But this subscribes to a belief in duality.

The number 1 Universal Law, the Law of Mentalism, states that ALL IS ONE. This law is also described as All is of the One Mind, or All is of God.

Believing in duality is in direct opposition to this law.

The truth is, there is no darkness. Only a spectrum of light.

What appears to be darkness isn’t the absence of light, neither is it opposed to light. It’s merely the least amount of light on the light spectrum. And it’s all relative.

This illness will invite you to believe in the illusion of duality.

To be lured into the fears and anxieties you’ve been carrying already in your subconscious mind. To believe the stories that have been undermining and directing your experience of life to date.

But the truth is that you get to choose your experience. You get to choose the path this uplevel takes you on.

It’s a choose-your-own-adventure for your body and soul.

And it has the potential to change the landscape of your life, if you allow it to do so.

Whether that is to experience more suffering and fear, or whether that is to launch into a new phase of your life with more freedom, more joy and more abundance, is all up to you.

You get to choose.


The only work to do here is to:

  • Allow the upgrade. Allow, allow, allow.
  • Lean into your gentle supportive practices, such as meditation, mindfulness, breathwork, resting, napping, grounding, and epsom salt baths. Let them return you to a deep sense of Oneness.
  • Wrap yourself in an intentional bubble of love and healing. No fear TV.
  • Choose to direct the shifts into the areas of your life you most desire to change.


  • What part of my life would I most like to change?
  • What do I no longer wish to carry forward?
  • What upgraded version of me am I stepping into?
  • What am I ready to release? To heal? To shift? To transform?


What adventure will you choose for your body and soul?

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Thank you for reading, and for being here.

Would you believe I wrote most of this blog series while deep in the midst of my own fevered Covid experience? What a journey that was!

If you or your loved ones are experiencing covid now, I wish you all the best for a speedy and transformational recovery.

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