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Guided Meditation

A daily practice to combat overwhelm, replenish your metaphysical field, and release energy leaks that can affect your physical health.


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Instant access 5-day course

How your thoughts and beliefs create your physical health. A practical 5-day deep-dive into your own metaphysical body so you can change your life and health!


EnergEthics Class

Ethical practice in energy medicine and intuitive reading. The do’s and don’ts.

Learn the truth about protection, psychic attack, energetic boundaries, how to detect leaks in your energy field and how to practice using your intuition ethically.

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Ethics Codes Workshop

Craft your own code of ethics so you can walk your talk in your spiritual business.

A 2-hour instant access workshop. Plus workbook, guided meditation to download your personal Ethics Codes from Source, and sample codes of ethics to help you craft your own.

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Instant access 3-day  deep dive

Your complete guide to turn your empath sensitivity into a superpower. If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed in crowds, exhausted by toxic relationships and too sensitive to function – this deep dive is for you!

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USA TODAY Bestselling book

THE YOUNGER SELF LETTERS: How Successful Leaders & Entrepreneurs Turned Trials Into Triumph

In my letter to my younger self I share what I learned about the absolute importance of Medical Intuition in an acute health setting, and how it literally saved my father’s life after a catastrophic accident.

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TRAILBLAZERS – 27 Female Leaders Share How They Use Their Gifts To Guide Others

In my chapter I share the deeply personal journey of health crisis, to break down, to break through, that led to me becoming a Medical Intuitive.

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Paperback $7.99

All proceeds donated to charity.

#1 Bestselling book

AWAKENING: Meet The Women Birthing A New Earth

In this co-authored book with 36 global leaders, my chapter is called Heal From Within – How To Hear The Whispers Of Your Soul And Become Your Own Medical Intuitive.

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Paperback $8.99

All proceeds donated to charity