The Truth About Covid – Part 2

What Happens To The Physical Body When You Get Covid?


Let’s explore what happens to the physical body when you get covid 19 – the virus/poison.

If you want to catch up on Part 1 of this series, you’ll find it here.

The physical experience of covid was very different to what I expected.

What I saw when I intuitively read my partner in the throws of his illness was a tiger. The virus with the embedded neurotoxin appears to me as a tiger in the body. The tiger isn’t evil, it’s just a symbol of how the illness takes hold of the body. Here’s what I learned about the tiger.

When the tiger comes for you, it comes through your root energy centre.

It attaches to your nervous system and vascular system. As these 2 systems are global in your body, you may experience a wide array of symptoms.This is why everyone’s stories about their experience are different.
First, the tiger enters through your nose and mouth. So you may initially sense an immune response in your mouth, throat, nose, sinuses or head.
Then it attaches its claws into the base of your brain. From here, it can control the way the virus/poison rolls out through your body.
You may experience fevers, chills and sweats. Your brainstem, cranial nerves and the lower half of your brain are firing in waves. Your pituitary gland is receiving pulses of electrical current, affecting your temperature regulation senses and sleep pattern. Your heart rate and breathing may feel laboured. This is the effect of the tiger on your brainstem.

Some describe it as elephant flu, as it can feel like an elephant is sitting on your chest.

Electrical pulses move in stripes down your spinal cord to all of your nerve roots, affecting your whole body.
You may feel pain in your skin, joints, head, spine, or in your muscles. You may even experience twitching as the nerve stimulation rolls out throughout your limbs. You may have cranial nerve symptoms, such as numbness in the mouth or face, altered hearing, vision, taste, smell, or sensation of the face, eyes and head. You may also have dizziness and vestibular symptoms.
You may experience numbness in the extremities, a combination of the nervous system effects and the vascular changes of altered blood flow.

The effect on your vascular system is also global.

Your blood becomes slightly more viscous, or thick, causing your heart and lungs to need to work harder. As the “virus” runs its course, blood will pool in your organs and be slow to move out of them. It may withdraw from your extremities as it pools centrally. Other body fluids become more viscous and sticky, too, such as mucous in the lungs or sinuses.

This illness will focus its symptoms in the part of your body that is usually most vulnerable for you.

For some people, this is the lungs and respiratory system. For others, it may be the sinuses and sinusitis. Some may experience digestive discomfort and other symptoms such as nausea or disrupted bowel motions, similar to gastroenteritis.

This is all part of the process.

The tiger moves its grip from the base of the brain, slowly down the spinal cord, toward the sacrum and root, where it does what it really came to do. It embeds its claws into your lower organs and sacral plexus, and takes hold of your root energy centre, the part of you that is connected to your family, your community, your social network, and your identity.
You may have activated peripheral nerve roots from its continued effect on the nervous system. This can present as radiating pain in the neck, shoulders and arms, or in the pelvis, hips and down the legs.

The symptoms may hang on for days or weeks. Or they may be fleeting.

The amount that they affect you will depend on your physical and energetic vulnerability, and the capacity to which you are ready to experience the death of part of your identity.

The more ready you are, the more intense your symptoms will be.

If you have a particular aspect of your health that is vulnerable, such as heart disease, respiratory disease, liver or kidney issues, then the effects of the illness caused by this virus/poison on your nervous and vascular systems may create serious side effects in your body that put a strain on your already vulnerable organs.

If this is you, then make sure you seek professional medical support to navigate it safely.

The feeling of being poisoned is strong, and may last for some time after you stop testing positive.

As unpleasant as it is, it’s not all doom and gloom, though.

One interesting thing I’ve noticed in my client sessions, and heard about from several people in my network, is that the powerful effects of covid on the nervous and vascular systems of the body can in some cases HEAL chronic illness that’s been around for years.
I’ve seen chronic sinusitis, chronic fatigue, and asthma resolve as a result of covid. And one beautiful friend has experienced a radical healing of a long-standing fistula in her body as a direct result of covid.

These are parts of our identity. We often define ourselves by our diagnoses and chronic health conditions.

There’s an opportunity with the covid experience to allow the death of these aspects of ourselves, and to embrace a rebirth into a new version of us. Ask:
  • What part of your identity are you ready to allow to fall away?


  • What is dying off in you right now?


  • How have you defined yourself until this point in your life?


  • What part of your identity are you ready to experience a rebirth in?
It’s totally ok to feel grief in this process. If you are feeling wrung out and emotional, that’s all a part of the viral/poison experience.

It’s not you, it’s covid.

Honour your grief, notice it, and increase your support strategies. Know that it won’t last forever. It’s all a part of the death and rebirth that you are experiencing.
Sometimes the symptoms of a head cold develop and continue after the initial physical experience. Then, once the main physical symptoms subside, the after effects are commonly brain fog, tiredness, fatigue, and feeling flat. This is the last of the nervous system effect as it moves out of your body.

Be gentle with yourself. Allow plenty of time to rest and recuperate.

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In my next blog post I talk more specifically about the metaphysical aspects of covid. Read part 3 of this series here.
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