The Truth About Covid 19 – Not Just A Virus


It’s time to share the truth about Covid 19.

As a Medical Intuitive, I tend to see my experience of illness as deep service to others.

I allow myself to experience illness fully, then distill what I’m experiencing down into information that may be useful to others. My recent experience allows me to share the truth about covid with you.
Over the last two weeks, my family has been going through the motions of covid19.
Over the next couple of weeks I will be sharing what I’ve learned about covid19 in terms of its structure, its effects on the physical body, the metaphysical reasons for it, and how you can best support yourself through it.


Covid has been an interesting experience for me.


When my partner first became sick, he kindly let me read him intuitively to see what was happening inside his body as the illness moved through it. He was surprised when I asked for his permission, as he thought I was always reading him anyway!
Can you imagine?? I never read someone without their permission. Even the love of my life.
I received so much information from his body about the illness. I was stunned at what was happening inside him. And now I’ve had my own experience of covid first hand, it can’t hide from me any longer.
This virus has been elusive until now. And now I can finally see why.

It’s become very clear to me that it’s not a simple, everyday virus.


Not because it’s worse than other viruses, or because it’s a pandemic, or because the health system response to it has been extreme, to say the least. It’s not even because we’ve never seen a virus like this one before.

It’s because it’s been messed with by scientists.


The truth is, this virus isn’t just a virus. It’s a virus with a specific neurotoxin artificially embedded in it. 

So it can transmit like a virus, and has some signs and symptoms in common with the original virus, but it has the effect of a poison in those susceptible to it.

I’ve been saying since the beginning that this virus isn’t acting like a normal virus.

It’s crystal clear to me why that is, now.

It isn’t just a virus. It’s a poison.

And that poison is what can have a lasting effect on your physical, mental and metaphysical health.
This is why the developed vaccines are not effective in stopping the spread of this illness, as they have been for other illnesses like smallpox or measles.
How can you vaccinate against a toxin?

It’s not yet clear WHY a dangerous neurotoxin was embedded in a virus in a lab. We may never know the original motivations behind the creation of this bio-weapon.

But created it was. Then it was released into the world.


As a Medical Intuitive, I see viruses as an energetic upgrade.


As unpleasant as they are, they are usually deeply supportive in some way, to help us shed what no longer serves us and to make space for what is arising in us. To change and upgrade our lives in some way.


Covid19 is different, as it’s not just a virus, it’s also a poison.


There’s still an element of energetic upgrade.


But there’s a larger element of death and rebirth.


If you have experienced covid or you’re struggling with it now: Notice the parts of you that feel like they are dying.
The invitation here right now is to allow what is dying to do just that. Surrender to the process. Notice, love and grieve the parts of you that are dying and falling away.

They are making space for you to be reborn.

But first you need to experience the death, and mourn the loss of the parts of you that have carried you through your life to this point.
In my next blog post I talk more specifically about the physical aspects of this virus/poison. Read part 2 of this series here.
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