I am

Emma Turton


Emma Turton


You want to feel radiantly healthy and satisfied with life, to feel lit up from within by your soul purpose.

You know that it is not

as simple

You know that it

is not as simple


as finding the right diet, or the right medication or the right modality.

You want to feel empowered,

deeply connected to your body and soul.

To feel the relief and comfort that comes from having a deep understanding of your physical and soul journey so far,

and the exhilaration of knowing that you are 100% supported by the universe.

Pioneering the space where

medicine meets metaphysics


meets metaphysics


science meets spirituality


meets spirituality

I am Emma Turton

A medical intuitive pioneering the place where science meets spirituality and medicine meets metaphysics.

I have dedicated my life to creating a ground-breaking system to revolutionise our approach to health –

a shining beacon in the dark tunnel of disease management.

I show my clients their magnificence at a soul level and help them find where in their body they are out of alignment and disconnected between their layers of body, mind and soul.

I help them bring their whole being into alignment, offering the opportunity for profound healing.

I do this for people who have been searching for the root cause behind their physical symptoms and who understand or are beginning to understand the cause may not be purely physical.


I have a deep understanding of anatomy, physiology, pathogenesis and pathology. I have over 15 years clinical experience as a Registered Physiotherapist. I have worked for 8 years as a lecturer at Curtin University in the School of Physiotherapy, immersed in cutting-edge health research, teaching biomechanics, physics, mathematics, clinical skills, functional anatomy, cardiopulmonary physiotherapy and movement science. I am a Functional Nutritionist.

And I have a profound connection to my non-local intuition.

I can see inside your body, inside your soul.

I can see where you are out of alignment.

I am the channel for grace to connect you to your highest consciousness, to your soul purpose, to offer you the path to alignment, to further awaken, to enable you


to truly heal.

No longer am I content to only offer conventional treatments and modalities, when I can clearly see the bigger picture of your health laid out before me.

You are a splendid, complex and beautiful being.

You cannot be divided into your physical parts and picked through to find the problems.

You are not that simple.

You are much more intricate and perfectly constructed than that.

If you are tired of trying to find and manage one physical problem after another and are ready to embrace a radical shift UP in your health, then click below to find out how you can work with me.


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I am one of a rare breed – both a scientist and an intuitive. Find out why my approach to health could change your life like it’s changed mine.


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Read my latest metaphysical musings here. It’s not all heavy and provides some insight towards what it’s like to work with me.

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