Bacteria is neither good nor bad, but thinking makes it so.

Our bodies are made up of a variety of cells, many of which aren’t actually ours.

Known as the human microbiota, we have an ecology of microorganisms on and inside our body consisting of 10-100 trillion symbiotic microbial cells includes bacteria, archaea, protists, fungi (yeasts) and viruses. The human microbiome consists of the genes these cells harbour.
It is well documented now that our microbiome is so vast in number that it has even been said that we are more bacteria than we are human. In fact, our human genes are outnumbered more than 3 to 1 by the genes of these single-celled organisms, with over 1000 different species of organism.
This is a natural and healthy array of bacteria and yeasts that live in harmony with us, both inside and outside our bodies. Some people call these “good and bad bacteria”, however there is no evidence to support that any of the bacteria or yeasts should be judged as either good or bad. In fact, research shows that they are vital to our survival.
It is maintaining a healthy balance that is what matters. An overgrowth or undergrowth of any one of these vital organisms that help support our lives can result in a physical health crisis for the human host.
The concept has even been raised in scientific literature that perhaps these organisms are not actually separate from us, as we cannot live without them. And perhaps they even play a far greater role in our decision making and lives than we could possibly know, given that they greatly outnumber us, cell for cell and gene for gene.

So what happens, physically and energetically, when there is an imbalance in our microbiota?


Undergrowth Imbalance

The more commonly known imbalance is an undergrowth of bacteria, particularly after taking a course of antibiotics. Most people, these days, are familiar with the fact that antibiotics kill off the bacteria in our digestive system, irrespective of whether it is beneficial bacteria or not, when we are treated for an infection. Many are also aware that a probiotic supplement will help to rebuild the body’s microbiome after completing a course of antibiotics. In addition to this, treatment with an anti-fungal agent will also kill off the beneficial yeasts in our microbiota.

But what does it mean energetically?

If our immune system is low due to a depletion of our gut flora, whether by antibiotics or lifestyle, we are being asked by our bodies to have a good hard look at where we are creating a hostile environment.

Where are we neglecting to nurture our inner world and our outer world?

Where are we continuing to assault ourselves with a barrage of poor choices?

Whether we are choosing to eat the deep fried, meaty or sugary foods that create a hostile environment in our gut, or drinking too much alcohol, coffee or other “escape-substances”, we tell our body that we don’t love and value it and cannot even bear to sit with our reality. Even down to the temperature we like our foods and drinks to be when we consume them. If you like your drinks scaldingly hot or tooth-achingly cold, then ask yourself why you choose to shock your body in this way? What do you have against sitting with your reality, exactly as it is in this moment now? Picture pouring your scalding or freezing beverage over a miniature tribe of protective warriors who were waiting to defend your body. What are you saying to them by choosing this? That you don’t value them? That you don’t respect them? Then you are saying this to yourself at regular intervals.

Are you choosing to soldier on in the face of illness and infection, instead of listening to your body’s cries for rest, warmth and recuperation? If you had stopped pushing on with life and given in to your desire for rest and soup when you had a mere head cold, as well as listening to the deeper energetic meaning behind your illness, would you now be requiring antibiotics for that chest infection? Or that sinus infection? Or that ear infection? Or that tonsillitis? Heed the message from your body before it becomes so loud that you must stop in your tracks to listen. Antibiotics, although absolutely vital in extreme cases of life-threatening infection, should only be an absolute last port of call. Why decimate your body’s defence system just because you didn’t show enough respect to take the time to listen to your body when it was pleading for your support?

To support your body to recover from an undergrowth imbalance, choose to eat and do the things that nurture you and show your body and your microbiome that you respect and love it, right down to your tiny cells. Eat whole, unprocessed foods at a temperature that won’t kill your cells or those of your microbiota. Avoid sugar, deep fried or overly meaty foods. Eat prebiotic foods, or foods that are high in fibre, to feed and nourish your tiny friends. Eat probiotic fermented foods and drinks, such as yoghurt, kimchi, kombucha, kefir and sauerkraut to boost the microbiota, if yours is depleted.

To support your energy get gentle regular exercise, rest when you need to, nourish your inner world with high vibrational uplifting books and music. Make time for meditation and practice gratitude. Reframe your thoughts. Catch yourself every time your are thinking something unkind about yourself or others. Judgement of others is actually always judgement of the self. Show your body the utmost respect and love, and your microbiome will find it’s own balance from the inside out.


Overgrowth Imbalance

A lesser known but just as prevalent issue with the microbiota, is that of an overgrowth. Either in the bacteria, for example SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth), or the yeasts, for example Candida, or both. Both of these diagnoses are relatively new, having become topical in the last 10 to 20 years. Many in the conventional health arena do not believe that a slight overgrowth of these otherwise healthy bacteria or yeasts is actually a diagnosis until symptoms and signs reach a catastrophic level in the patient, as in systemic thrush. Regardless, the signs and symptoms of an overgrowth imbalance in the microbiota are prevalent and unpleasant, and in many cases debilitating. However, overgrowth imbalances in the microbiota are proving very difficult to treat. Involving gruelling diets and supplement protocols to literally starve the overgrowth out of existence, many people never get clear of these issues as they are only looking at one facet of the problem: Treating the physical body like it’s under attack. The energetic reasons for these issues have, until now, remained unknown or largely ignored.

So what is happening physically and energetically when we are suffering from an overgrowth imbalance in our microbiome? If you are suffering with overgrowth of yeast or bacteria, then ask yourself the following questions:

Where are you feeling overwhelmed, physically and/or energetically?

Where are you feeling disconnected from your partner, your family, your tribe, or the world in general?

Bacterial or yeast overgrowth is the physical manifestation of overwhelm and the belief in separation. You feel under attack and at odds with those around you. The part of the body that is showing you the overgrowth will guide you to where to address this issue in your life. If you are showing signs or symptoms of yeast or bacteria overgrowth in your digestive system you feel your self worth is threatened by your position in the family, in the workforce or in the world. Unworthy and unappreciated. If your face is showing the symptoms then you are feeling at odds with the world around you and how you are showing up in it. You are perhaps feeling vastly different and disconnected to the rest of your tribe. Like the black sheep. Not fitting in. Overwhelmed by humanity and the world in general. If your symptoms present in your reproductive organs, for example as thrush or bacterial vaginosis, then you are feeling this rift with your partner and your family. You are seeking total fulfilment and satisfaction from your close relationships and coming up short. Feeling separate and energetically or physically overwhelmed in your intimate relationship with your partner. Feeling disrespected. Unheard.

Physically, you may be reaching for the foods and drinks that fill the void that this belief in separation creates. Eating sweet or carbohydrate-rich foods and drinks, or craving dairy in all its forms. Eating chocolate and drinking wine to try in vain to fill the hole that is created inside you when you believe that you are not one with all that there is.

Ask yourself: where am I believing that all is not one?

Where am I reinforcing that I am not one with all that there is?

When you realise that all is, in fact, one; That you are merely one brilliant-cut facet of a giant diamond that is the infinite, that is god; That the belief in separation from others and from god is an illusion; Then you find your salvation. We cannot be attacked and overwhelmed by beloved parts of ourselves. Only if we believe that they are outside of us, separate to us and therefore less than us or more than us, can we be overrun.
Your body is inviting you to take another look at yourself and those around you.
See your partner as a beautiful aspect of you. One that can bring you so much joy and so much learning and insight.
See your family as magnificent aspects of you.
See all those whom you meet in the world around you as blessed aspects of you, reflecting back only more parts of yourself for you to love and honour.
Know that you are not only one with god, but that you ARE god. Actively creating the world around you.

Sit each day in the stillness of meditation and see your connection to the world around you. Close your eyes. Deepen your breath. See your light spread out from your heart and surround the world. Then feel your connection to every man, woman and child, every tree, every plant, every animal, every fish, every stone, every grain of sand on the whole planet. Inhale the breath of mother Earth. Exhale the breath of mother Earth. Feel the tides run through you like the rise and fall of the ocean as you breathe. Bask in this feeling of interconnectedness.

Realise that you always have a choice how you show up in your relationships. Whether it’s standing in your power and asking for your needs to be met, or choosing another way. You always have a choice. If you choose a battle, you will face an army. This does not mean that you must choose to give in and suffer at the hand of another, but that in choosing to play the victim and remain at odds with those around you, you are choosing to remain at odds with your own divine nature, your own inner compass. This is the real battle you are facing. You are battling yourself and your own intuition. Look closely at where you are pretending not to hear your inner guidance. Become the observer and notice where you are immediately following up your divine guidance with a catalogue of the reasons why you cannot do what you know your heart is telling you to do. Know that you do not need to have all of the answers and all of the details worked out. But simply that you must heed the message and take the very next step that you are being guided to do. You do not need to know why. Just take the next step and your path will be revealed to you as you become ready to walk it.

You may also choose to support your body physically by becoming aware of your comfort foods and drinks. The edible emotional crutch that you are trying to fill your inner void with. When we feel overwhelmed and under attack we reach for sugary and carbohydrate-rich foods, such as sugar, sweets, lollies, chocolate, desserts, cookies, biscuits, ice-cream, cakes, pies, chips, fries, hash-browns, bread, pastries, doughnuts, dairy foods etc. As well as wine, alcohol, sweet tea and coffee, soft drinks and sugary energy drinks. All of these foods and beverages energetically reinforce the overwhelm and belief in separation. By reinforcing it, you are allowing your microbiome to overgrow to the point of imbalance.

Eliminate all addictive foods and drinks, including those listed above, from your diet whilst at the same time bringing in the energetic support methods above, and you will regain balance in your system once more. Where you once ate sugar and breads, nourish yourself with nuts, fruit, vegetables, seeds, fresh water and all the goodness of nature. Feel the connection to the food you eat as you eat it. Know that you are just bringing parts of yourself home when you eat.

Stop trying to eradicate and protect yourself from those around you (as well as bacteria and yeasts) and start welcoming them as you would an old, beloved friend. Cease using antibacterial soaps and sanitisers, avoid bleach, do not avoid your family or other people, or use energetic protection methods because you feel under attack. Focus instead on raising your vibration at regular intervals. Do what lights you up. Dance, sing, chant, meditate, walk in nature, swim in the ocean, be silly and have fun. Feel the good feelings of joy, love and lightness, and allow them to flow from you out into those around you. Return to simple hand washing (no chemicals!) to remove dirt. Use natural lemon juice and bicarbonate of soda to clean your house.


Shift your focus from war to welcome.

As above, so below. As within, so without. As stated by the third immutable Hermetic Law of Correspondence. Are we human beings, animals and plants not, then, simply the Earth’s microbiota on a larger scale? If our Earth decided to decimate us and wage war on all living things on it’s surface, how would we react? Would we say “ok then, you win, I give up”? Or would we fight with all that we are worth for our survival?

Whether in balance or not, your microbiota are your allies, not your enemies.

And when we come to understand that all is one, we embody the truth: That we ARE our microbiota.

© Copyright Emma Turton 2017.

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