It’s time

to radically uplevel

your health and life

Are you ready to break free from what is stuck between you and the life you dream about?

Would you like to embrace an intimate connection with your body and soul, the world around you and the universe?

Do you want to feel radiantly healthy and satisfied with life, to feel lit up from within by your true soul purpose? 

The time has come to stop putting your dreams on hold for health reasons and start relishing life again.

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This is how I will work with you

In your first Medical Intuition Guidance Consultation with me, we will uncover the source of what’s holding you back from living the life you want. 

Each of us has a true purpose to fulfil in this life.

Your soul has a blueprint that outlines the best way for you to live so you feel fully aligned and satisfied by your life, work and relationships. When we are out of alignment with our soul blueprint, as is so often the case for many of us, it can manifest as real physical or emotional issues and upheaval in our reality. In our session together we will identify your soul blueprint and powerfully attune you to it.

I use my innate non-local intuitive connection. I read your physical and energetic anatomy to help you decode the meaning behind your ailments so you can release any physical issues with ease. I choose from a range of powerful energy medicine tools appropriate to your needs to support your healing journey and align you with your soul blueprint. Then together we create an energetic, nutritional and physical action plan to support you on your path back to living a vibrant, satisfying life.

I am a Medical Intuitive


I embody a unique combination of scientist and intuitive.  Merging more than two decades of higher learning and experience as a physiotherapist and functional nutritionist with a powerful connection to my non-local intuition, I use clairsentience and clairvoyance to communicate with your energetic and physical anatomy.

The result for you is a unique perspective on your health, your subconscious mind and where your body and energy is out of congruence. You will receive a profound realignment of your layers of body, mind and soul. Using a combination of both functional and metaphysical medicine, we co-create practical steps to get you powerfully back on track.

No longer am I content to only offer conventional treatments and modalities, when I can clearly see the bigger picture of your health laid out before me. 

You are a splendid, complex and beautiful being.

You cannot be divided into your physical parts and picked through to find the problems.

You are not that simple. You are much more intricate and perfectly constructed than that.

How to book a consultation with me

Step 1.  Simply click on the button below, which will take you straight through to my booking calendar. Here you will have the choice to either book a free 30-minute Resonance Consult to get to know me and find out the different ways we can work together, or if you want to book right in with me there is an option to do this on the booking page. Select the option that you wish to book.

Step 2.  On the booking calendar page, click on Set Time Zone to set my booking calendar to your local time zone.  Appointments are held online via Zoom video conference, so you can book in your own time zone and work with me from the comfort of your own home, anywhere in the world.

Step 3.  Follow the prompts to choose an appointment time that suits you, enter your information, and pay for your consultation.

After you have booked in I will send you through a booking confirmation via email, which will outline the instructions for how to connect with me at the time of your appointment.

In our online consultation, my focus will be completely on you and what is coming up for you right now.  Each session is highly individualised to meet your needs.  The consultation will be recorded with your permission, and this recording will be emailed to you after our session.


After our life-changing initial consultation, it doesn’t have to stop there

 You may decide you would like to continue our journey together to radically transform your life and health.  Every client is unique, and so is their journey with me.  Some clients book in for a session whenever they feel they need it.  Others like the support and structure of regular sessions to keep them on track towards their life and health goals.  You have a variety of options for how you’d like to continue working with me if you choose to do so. 


Case Studies

Sarah decided to book a consultation with me as she felt lost and confused about some health issues. She found our initial consultation so deeply life-changing in so many ways that this single session has been the catalyst for deep personal growth and a whole new career direction. I still receive beautiful messages from Sarah, updating me with her progress and her new-found joy in her life as a result of our session together.

Peter found that his body and energy were very finely balanced and attuned, and once all musculoskeletal pain and energetic issues were resolved through our weekly consultations he decided to enjoy the maintenance that ongoing weekly individual sessions with me offer him.  This helps him to stay on track with his life and health goals, and to continue embracing the intensely satisfying life that he leads without hesitation.

Helen had her initial consultation with me to help gain clarity around and clear her complex chronic health issues.  She loved the idea of the new Medical Intuition Mentoring package offering 6 months of ongoing support with me for her healing journey.  This combines 3 bi-monthly individual sessions with me, access to monthly online group education seminars on various relevant topics, and a guided meditation to help maintain her energetic and physical health on a daily basis.  So far, she has realised her true dream career, deeply evaluated her relationships and life goals, and made progress towards clearing her long-standing health issues, once and for all.  All within the scaffolding provided by the Medical Intuition Mentoring package.

Sylvia came to me with a specific health goal in mind and once we uncovered the deeper issues underlying her challenges in our first session, she decided to work with my support on a monthly basis for six months in order to clear them. In that time she reached her weight goal, eliminated her various physical aches and pains and digestive issues, and became deeply connected with her body and soul. She now has the tools and intuitive connection to maintain her own health so she can sink her teeth into regular martial arts training and a social walking group that her health previously prevented her from enjoying.


How to Prepare

In advance of our consultation, make sure you take a few minutes to download the Zoom app to your chosen device.  This will enable you to connect with me without delay at the time of our consultation.

Make sure that you will have 90 minutes uninterrupted during our session, in an environment in which you can safely close your eyes.  During our session please ensure you have water to drink and a notebook and pen, in case you would like to take any notes.

Cancellation Policy

As I thoroughly prepare for these consultations, the cost of a consultation is non-refundable, However, all reasonable attempts will be made to reschedule the reading to a new time if a client cannot make an existing booking and notifies me with more than 24 hours’ notice. Sessions can be rescheduled by you from your appointment confirmation email prior to 24 hours before your booked appointment.

If I am unable to make the appointed time for a consultation due to personal circumstances arising, all reasonable attempts will be made to reschedule to the next available appointment time that suits the client.

Payment is required at the time of booking.

Please note that private health rebates are generally only available from private health insurance for in-person appointments that include physiotherapy services.